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10 Most Important Vocabularies With Hindi Meaning Day-19

Hindi meaning

Learn ten important vocabularies with Hindi meaning for your upcoming exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, IBPS PO/CLERK, SBI PO, RBI, SSC exams.

If you are trying to improve your English, vocabulary is one of the areas where you should give more attention.

We provide all the vocabulary from The Hindu Newspaper. For Hindi medium students, we publish the vocabularies with meaning, so that they feel more comfortable.

Here are the 10 vocabularies with Hindi meaning.

1) Turncoat- (noun)

English meaning- A dishonest person who changes his/her opinion according to his/her interest.
Hindi meaning- दलबदलू, विश्वासघाती
Synonyms- Betrayer, Defector, Deserter, Judas, Quisling, Backslider.
Antonyms- Loyalist, Patriot, Follower, Companion, Jingoist.
Example Sentence- Because of his turncoat nature, no one believes him.

2) Paradox- (noun)

English meaning- Something which seems contradictory.
Hindi meaning- बिरोधाभास
Synonyms- Absurdity, Riddle, Contradiction, Dilemma, Enigma, Irony.
Antonyms- Reality, Truth, Accuracy, Correction, Certainty.
Example Sentence- It’s a paradox that in this modern world, a significant population is still below the poverty line.

3) Charismatic- (adjective)

English meaning- The power to attract towards charm.
Hindi meaning- करिश्माई, आकर्षक
Synonyms- Alluring, Charming, Captivating, Magnetic, Appealing.
Antonyms- Boring, Tiresome, Awful, Apathetic, Repulsive.
Example Sentence- The big company always makes charismatic ads to attract customers.

4) Endorsement- (noun)

English meaning- The process to campaign or support someone/something.
Hindi meaning- समर्थन, विज्ञापन
Synonyms- Ratification, Permission, Approval, Backing, Acceptance.
Antonyms- Embargo, Condemnation, Blame, Complaint, Contempt.
Example Sentence- Successful celebrities demand a considerable fee to Endorse the products.

5) Reckon- (verb)

English meaning- To consider by calculating.
Hindi meaning- समझना, अनुमान लगाना
Synonyms- Consider, Think, Calculate, Suppose, Assess, Estimate, Anticipate.
Antonyms- Neglect, Ponder, Abandon, Deprive, Devote.
Example Sentence- The great person always reckons the right thing and act according to the situation.

6) Infallibility- (adjective)

English meaning- The quality of being unmistakable.
Hindi meaning- अचूक
Synonyms- Certainty, Faultlessness, Reliability, Faithfulness, Correctness.
Antonyms- Imperfection, Debility, Fault, Fumble, Improbability.
Example Sentence- Because of his infallibility work, there are a lot of people who want to learn from him.

7) Pivotal- (adjective)

English meaning- The thing of great importance.
Hindi meaning- प्रधान, बुनियादी
Synonyms- Vital, Crucial, Essential, Important, Primary.
Antonyms- Minor, Negligible, Unimportant, Niggling, Frivolous.
Example Sentence- Learning English vocabulary is the pivotal part if someone wants to improve English.

8) Integrity- (noun)

English meaning- Being honest.
Hindi meaning- पवित्रता, इमानदारी
Synonyms- Morality, Probity, Honesty, Goodness, Righteousness,
Antonyms- Corruptness, Deceit, Dishonesty, Crookedness, Immorality.
Example Sentence- Because of his integrity, people respect him.

9) Germane- (adjective)

English meaning- Appropriate according to the situation.
Hindi meaning- सार्थक, अनुकूल
Synonyms- Fitting, Relevant, Pertinent, Proper, Suitable.
Antonyms- Unsuitable, Irrelevant, Improper, Impertinent.
Example Sentence- The high court will pass judgment after assessing all the evidence.

10) Spurt- (noun and verb)

English meaning- Sudden burst.
Hindi meaning- उछाल, तेजी से चढ़ना
Synonyms- Flow, Rush, Cascade, Surge, Flood, Spray.
Antonyms- Trickle, Drip, Drool, Slump, Defer.
Example Sentence- The share market spurted after the GST implementation.

These are the 10 important vocabularies from The Hindu newspaper. These will help you in your upcoming exams. Here you can learn the Important vocabulary word list. We are here to help you to improve your vocabulary.

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