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Top 10 Word Meaning English to Hindi With Example Day-57

Top 10 Word Meaning English to Hindi With Example

Learn 10 Word Meaning English to Hindi With Example. This list of English words with meaning and sentences is very helpful and beneficial for everyone who is trying to improve his/her English.

10 Word Meaning English to Hindi With Example

1) Emerge

English Meaning: become apparent
Hindi Meaning: उभरना, प्रकट होना
Synonyms: appear, surface, originate, spring, loom
Antonyms: descend, disappear, subside, diminish, fade
Example Sentence: He has emerged as an outstanding cricketer.

2) Recede

English Meaning: gradually diminish
Hindi Meaning: कम होना
Synonyms: subside, lessen, diminish, dwindle, decrease
Antonyms: emerge, emerge, emerge, advance, advance
Example Sentence: His pain started receding.

3) Characteristic

English Meaning: a feature of something
Hindi Meaning: विशेषता
Synonyms: aspect, quality, hallmark, element, element
Antonyms: atypical, untypical, uncharacteristic, irregular, odd
Example Sentence: The company has some special characteristics.

4) Loom

English Meaning: appear as a vague form
Hindi Meaning: धुंधला दिखाई देना
Synonyms: hover, appear, emerge, rise, brood
Antonyms: vanish, fade, departure, diminish, ebb
Example Sentence: The sun loomed out in the afternoon.

5) Ebb

English Meaning: gradually decrease something
Hindi Meaning: अवनति
Synonyms: decay, dwindle, decline, recede, lessen
Antonyms: increase, surge, rise, enlarge, ascent
Example Sentence: The progress of the company began to ebb.

6) Conspicuous

English Meaning: something clearly visible
Hindi Meaning: विशिष्ट
Synonyms: evident, obvious, patent, blatant, visible
Antonyms: unseen, unseen, concealed, invisible, secret
Example Sentence: His hard work is quite conspicuous.

7) Affliction

English Meaning: a cause of being in pain
Hindi Meaning: यातना
Synonyms: misfortune, trouble, suffering, hardship, misery
Antonyms: relief, comfort, peace, joy, contentment
Example Sentence: I could not see his affliction.

8) Prone

English Meaning: experience something unpleasant
Hindi Meaning:
प्रवृत्त, उन्मुख
Synonyms: vulnerable, prostrate, susceptible, supine, proclivities
Antonyms: erect, straight, secure, invincible, shielded
Example Sentence: He has always been prone to fever.

9) Fruition

English Meaning: fulfillment of a plan or something
Hindi Meaning:
Synonyms: achievement, completion, fulfillment, pleasure, gratification
Antonyms: doldrums, unfulfillment, agony, anguish, dejection
Example Sentence: All our plans have come to fruition.

10) Obscure

English Meaning: something uncertain
Hindi Meaning:
Synonyms: vague, conceal, hide, mysterious, blur, indistinct
Antonyms: visible, bright, obvious, evident, notorious
Example Sentence: He is an obscure personality.

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