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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary With Meaning Day-60

500+ Important The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary With Meaning

Today I am going to publish The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary With Meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences. These daily use English vocabularies are important for various exams.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary With Meaning

1) Heretic (noun)
Hindi Meaning: नास्तिक
English Meaning: non-believer
Synonyms: dissenter, unbeliever, apostate, pagan, agnostic
Antonyms: believer, adherent, supporter, devotee, follower
Example Sentence: I don’t want to be a heretic.

2) Coerce (verb)
Hindi Meaning: मजबूर करना
English Meaning: force someone to do something
Synonyms: force, compel, pressurize, dragoon, persuade
Antonyms: admit, allow, agree, permit, appall
Example Sentence: He coerced his younger brother into robbing the shop.

3) Concrete (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: ठोस
English Meaning: something very strong
Synonyms: substantial, actual, specific, firm, cement
Antonyms: flexible, vague, hypothetical, soft, pliable
Example Sentence: The court asked the police for concrete evidence.

4) Deploy (verb)
Hindi Meaning: तैनात करना
English Meaning: move or arrange for some action
Synonyms: position, move, organize, marshal, assemble
Antonyms: withdraw, disarrange, disarray, recall, retract
Example Sentence: The government will deploy security forces in the city.

5) Interim (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: अन्तरिम
English Meaning: temporary position
Synonyms: provisional, caretaker, temporary, meantime, makeshift
Antonyms: everlasting, permanent, settled, final, perpetual
Example Sentence: He has been appointed as an interim president.

6) Devotion (noun)
Hindi Meaning: भक्ति भाव
English Meaning: loyalty for something
Synonyms: fondness, affection, worship, dedication, allegiance
Antonyms: enmity, animosity, hate, abhorrence, hostility
Example Sentence: His devotion is an example for everyone.

7) Intent (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: इरादा, निष्ठा
English Meaning: the intention for something
Synonyms: purpose, goal, ambition, aim, plan, determined
Antonyms: irresolute, unorganized, negligent, casual, dispassionate
Example Sentence: I always support him with clear intent.

8) Divine (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: पवित्र, दिव्य
English Meaning: something sacred
Synonyms: sacred, godlike, delightful, heavenly, gorgeous
Antonyms: vile, atrocious, terrible, dreadful, lousy
Example Sentence: They love to visit this divine place.

9) Remote (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: सुदूर, एकांत, असंभाव्य
English Meaning: far away or distantly related
Synonyms: distant, implausible, faraway, aloof, isolated
Antonyms: close, convenient, likely, near, adjacent
Example Sentence: We are going to a remote village.

10) Compact (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: सघन, संक्षिप्त
English Meaning: concise
Synonyms: succinct, small, compress, concise, condensed
Antonyms: big, floppy, droopy, enlarge, rambling
Example Sentence: I will buy a compact laptop for traveling.

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These are the 500+ Important The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary With Meaning. I hope you have learned so many new words from this article.

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