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Important Vocabulary Words List From The Hindu Day-46

Important Vocabulary Words list from The Hindu Day-46Hello Students, today we are going to publish the Important Vocabulary Words list with Hindi meaning from Day-46. These vocabulary words are essential for the upcoming CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, SNAP, SBI PO, IBPS PO, SSC, and other exams. All the vocabularies are from The Hindu newspaper.

Here You can learn vocabulary with a precise explanation, that helps everyone to understand the words correctly.

Important Vocabulary Words List Day-46

1) Showdown- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- निर्णायक मुठभेड़

English Meaning- Final battle

Synonyms- clash, conflict, encounter, confrontation, climax, hostility, fight, battle

Antonyms- negotiation, settlement, agreement, peacemaking, appeasing, soothing

Example Sentence- Before their showdown, all players join their hands.

2) Chromosome- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- गुणसूत्र

English Meaning- carrying genetic information in the form of genes.

Synonyms- factor, gene, heritability, centromere, heredity, genetics, endowment

Antonyms- totality, sum, amalgam, result

Example Sentence- The genetic difference between a male and a female is a Y chromosome.

3) Realm- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- क्षेत्र

English Meaning- a field or domain.

Synonyms- area, region, domain, province, territory, field, zone, range, circle

Antonyms- estate, federation, metropolitan,

Example Sentence- Because he is not familiar with the realm of technology, he should not talk any wrong about this.

4) Stipulate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- प्रतिज्ञा करना, शर्त लगाना

English Meaning- to insist upon something as a condition of an agreement.

Synonyms- a bargain, contract, promise, condition, provide, establish

Antonyms- brazen, imply, audacious, conflict, debate, egotistic

Example Sentence- I generally avoid buying items that stipulate dry cleaning only.

5) Amend- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- संशोधन करना

English Meaning- improve something.

Synonyms- reform, improve, revise, amend, repair, correct, rectify, upgrade, fix, restore, revamp, change

Antonyms- deteriorate, debase, degrade, abuse, worsen, corrupt, impair, vandalize

Example Sentence- He has given an application to his office to amend the wrong spelling of his name.

6) Maternity- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- मातृत्व

English Meaning- motherhood.

Synonyms- pregnancy, motherhood, origin, gestation,

Antonyms- paternity, novelization, fatherhood

Example Sentence- She is a woman with a great interest in maternity.

7) Entitlement- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अधिकार, सरकार समर्थित अनुदान

English Meaning- having a right to something.

Synonyms- authority, license, right, privilege, authorization, permission, allowance, allotment

Antonyms- ban, exclusion, prohibition, restriction, restraint, rejection, disfavor

Example Sentence- The government has given him an entitlement to open a shop in the city center.

8) Tranche- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अंश, शेयर का हिस्सा

English Meaning- a portion of the money.

Synonyms- slice, portion, piece, chunk, share, wedge

Antonyms- emit, entirety, whole, combine, aggregate, gather

Example Sentence- The investor is willing to take back his tranche from the company.

9) Retrench- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- छटनी करना, घटाना

English Meaning- reduce something.

Synonyms- cut down, reduce, decrease, curtail, slash, abridge, deduct, crop

Antonyms- expand, augment, amplify, enlarge, multiply, widen, broadening

Example Sentence- The CEO of the company has announced to retrench some workers from the company.

10) Derogation- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अनादर, अपमान

English Meaning- the treatment of someone or something as being of little worth

Synonyms- disgrace, depreciation, obloquy, debasement, dishonor, humiliation, indignity, defamation

Antonyms- dignify, flattery, hyperbole, expansion, glorification, heighten, favor, enlarge, praise

Example Sentence- He could not tolerate the derogation of his companion.


These are the 10 important vocabulary words list With Hindi meaning from Day-46. Lean daily 10 vocabularies to improve your English.

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