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Important The Hindu Vocabulary With Meaning Day-59

300+ Important The Hindu Vocabulary With Meaning

Today I am going to share The Hindu Vocabulary with Hindi meaning, English meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences. These vocabularies are very important for exams like IBPS, SBI, CAT, XAT, MAT, CLAT, etc.

Important The Hindu Vocabulary With Meaning

1) Retract (verb)
Hindi Meaning: त्यागना, वापस लेना
English Meaning: drawback
Synonyms: revoke, repeal, annul, nullify, withdraw
Antonyms: affirm, extend, assert, approve, empower
Example Sentence: The CEO of the company is going to retract his job offer.

2) Predicament (noun)
Hindi Meaning: कठिन परिस्थिति
English Meaning: difficult situation
Synonyms: trouble, pickle, difficulty, issue, plight
Antonyms: boon, advantage, benefit, easy, opportunity
Example Sentence: We believe this predicament will pass soon.

3) Proponent (noun)
Hindi Meaning: समर्थक, तरफ़दार
English Meaning: a person who supports a particular idea or plan
Synonyms: protagonist, upholder, exponent, apologist, backer
Antonyms: foe, opponent, adversary, rival, mentor
Example Sentence: He is one of the first proponents of our cricket team.

4) Stultify (verb)
Hindi Meaning: उबा देना, मूर्ख बनाना
English Meaning: to appear stupid
Synonyms: bore, cripple, dull, suffocate, ridicule
Antonyms: deepen, interest, entertain, excite, fascinate
Example Sentence: The new episodes could stultify the whole TV series.

5) Proximity (noun)
Hindi Meaning: निकटता
English Meaning: the state of nearness in space, relationship, or time
Synonyms: nearness, closeness, presence, vicinity, neighborhood
Antonyms: remoteness, distance, deviation, vastness, void
Example Sentence: We always go there because of its proximity to our city.

6) Vaunt (verb)
Hindi Meaning: दिखावा, डींग हांकना
English Meaning: praise something excessively
Synonyms: flaunt, swash, boast, show off, gasconade
Antonyms: hide, unsung, conceal, secrete, veil
Example Sentence: He always vaunts his smartphone in the office.

7) Delineate (verb)
Hindi Meaning: वर्णन करना, चित्रित करना
English Meaning: describe something precisely
Synonyms: draw, describe, depict, specify, represent
Antonyms: garble, confuse, distort, twist, undrawn
Example Sentence: All the main points are clearly delineated in the book.

8) Peer (noun & verb)
Hindi Meaning: झांकना, सहकर्मी
English Meaning: look something carefully
Synonyms: fellow, co-worker, counterpart, compeer, colleague
Antonyms: commoner, stranger, junior, superior, glance
Example Sentence: I was peering to read the board in the class.

9) Recumbent (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: लेटा हुआ, समतल
English Meaning: lying down
Synonyms: supine, lying, accumbent, horizontal, accumbent
Antonyms: vertical, erect, upright, standing, straight
Example Sentence: The teacher found him seated in a recumbent position in the class.

10) Prospect (noun)
Hindi Meaning: आशा, संभावना
English Meaning: the possibility of something to happen
Synonyms: view, possibility, likelihood, outlook, expectation
Antonyms: bygone, retrospect, dimness, doubtfulness, miss
Example Sentence: There is a good prospect of something special in winter.

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