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Important English word list for CAT, XAT, GMAT, SSC, IBPS Exams

Important English word Day-48Hello, readers, we are going to publish a daily English Important English word. These English words are from The Hindu Newspaper. If you are preparing for Government Jobs or if you are a school or college student, these Vocabulary words will help you to improve your English ability. These words are also crucial for the students who are preparing for various exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, IIFT, CMAT, GMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, RRB, SSC CGL etc.

Important English word list for CAT, XAT, GMAT, SSC, IBPS Exams Day-48

1) Spearhead- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- पहल करनेवाला, अगुआई करना

English Meaning- to lead an event.

Synonyms- forefront, pioneer, head, vanguard, spearpoint, innovator, a forerunner

Antonyms- inheritor, successor, destroyer

Example Sentence- The company has hired a marketing service provider who will spearhead the marketing segment.

2) Admonish- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- धिक्कारना, चेतावनी देना

English Meaning- to warn strongly.

Synonyms- caution, warn, forewarn, scold, reproach, castigate, alert, criticize, threaten

Antonyms- laud, praise, compliment, applaud, support, flatter, hail, encourage

Example Sentence- The teacher has admonished the student who always absent the class.

3) Remunerate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- पारिश्रमिक देना

English Meaning- pay for services rendered.

Synonyms- reimburse, compensate, redress, repay, recompense, refund, atone, vouchsafe, recover

Antonyms- take, charge, seize, due, penalize, punish, censure

Example Sentence- The owner of the company does not remunerate fairly to his workers.

4) Procurement- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- प्राप्ति, उपलब्धि

English Meaning- the action of obtaining something.

Synonyms- purchase, attainment, acquisition, obtainment, acquirement, buying, receive

Antonyms- sale, provide, allot, outflow, delivery, consumption

Example Sentence- Indian airforce is going to procure several aircraft to increase the strength.

5) Concomitant- (noun & adjective)

Hindi Meaning- जुड़ा हुआ, सहचारी

English Meaning- naturally accompanying.

Synonyms- incidental, coincident, concurrent, attendant, simultaneous, coexistent, contemporary

Antonyms- independent, unrelated, accidental, antecedent, separate, autonomous, unbound, distinct

Example Sentence- Audience was surprised after seeing the concomitant performance of the performer.

6) Staunch- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- निष्ठावान, कट्टर, दृढ़, अटल

English Meaning- very committed in attitude.

Synonyms- determined, tenacious, tireless, stanch, firm, loyal, steadfast, persistent,

Antonyms- vacillant, disloyal, unreliable, faithless, insecure, unbelieving, unsafe

Example Sentence- He is a staunch fan of Virat Kohli, that’s why he always watches his batting.

7) Scepticism– (noun)

Hindi Meaning- संदेहवाद, अविश्वास

English Meaning- doubtful attitude.

Synonyms- distrust, suspicion, doubt, mistrust, wariness, cynicism, hesitation, discredit

Antonyms- trustfulness, credence, definiteness, confidence, belief, conviction

Example Sentence- Scepticism is becoming one of the biggest problems in youths.

8) Persuasive- (noun & adjective)

Hindi Meaning- प्रभावपूर्ण, प्रेरणा

English Meaning- believe something through reasoning.

Synonyms- powerful, inspiring, useful, impressive, influential, weighty, eloquent, dynamic, inspirational

Antonyms- discouraging, groundless, disheartening, fragile, mumbling

Example Sentence- His persuasive speech made me motivated.

9) Valiant- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- बहादुर, साहसी

English Meaning- showing courage.

Synonyms- gallant, brave, courageous, heroic, fearless, bold, valorous, vigorous

Antonyms- scary, afraid, coward, shy, timorous, nervous, horrified, terrible

Example Sentence- MC Mary Kom is one of the most valiant woman boxers whom India has ever produced.

10) Reassert- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- पुष्टि करना, दृढ़तापूर्वक सामने रखना

English Meaning- saying something firmly.

Synonyms- reaffirm, affirm, confirm, reassertion, restate, corroborate

Antonyms- disclaim, deny, distressing, reject, repudiate

Example Sentence- He speaks loudly to reassert his statements.


This is the Important English word list from day-8. Hope you learned something new today. Learn daily English vocabulary to improve your English. You can learn from the daily English vocabulary word list.

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