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Important Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning Day-58

Top 500+ Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning

In this post, I am going to share daily use vocabulary words with meaning, synonyms, Antonyms, Example sentence. These vocabularies are very important and helpful for everyone who is trying to improve English.

Important Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning

1) Mock (verb & noun)
Hindi Meaning: नकली, उपहास करना
English Meaning: ridicule or laugh
Synonyms: tease, deride, taunt, fake, artificial
Antonyms: praise, admire, real, esteem, authentic
Example Sentence: They tried to mock him for his accent.

2) Desperation (noun)
Hindi Meaning: मायूसी, निराशा
English Meaning: a state of sadness
Synonyms: despair, distress, misery, depression, sorrow
Antonyms: cheer, happiness, peace, calmness, cheer
Example Sentence: After knowing the result, there was a note of desperation in his voice.

3) Executive (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: कार्यकारी
English Meaning: a person with senior administrative responsibility
Synonyms: management, directorial, official, manager, administrator
Antonyms: subordinate, employee, attendant, dependent
Example Sentence: Nobody knew that I have executive skills.

4) Rival (noun)
Hindi Meaning: प्रतिद्वंद्वी
English Meaning: a person or thing competing with another
Synonyms: opponent, competition, enemy, competitor, combatant
Antonyms: ally, partner, friend, supporter, companion
Example Sentence: China is one of the biggest rivals for India.

5) Steady (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: स्थिर
English Meaning: stable or firmly fixed
Synonyms: stable, balanced, firm, persistent, fixed
Antonyms: capricious, unstable, shaky, fickle, inconstant
Example Sentence: My progress in maths has been slow but steady.

6) Savage (adjective)
Hindi Meaning: बर्बर, जंगली
English Meaning: a vicious person.
Synonyms: brutal, fierce, wild, vicious, cruel
Antonyms: civilized, tame, gentle, kind, delicate
Example Sentence: Nobody likes his savage lifestyle.

7) Vandalize (verb)
Hindi Meaning: उपद्रव मचाना
English Meaning: damage something
Synonyms: sabotage, demolish, wreck, ruin, disfigure
Antonyms: recover, protect, rectify, restore, build
Example Sentence: They were trying to vandalize the campus.

8) Commend (verb)
Hindi Meaning: सराहना करना
English Meaning: praise someone formally
Synonyms: compliment, applaud, eulogize, entrust, congratulate
Antonyms: criticize, blame, rebuke, denounce, admonish
Example Sentence: His work for the nation is commendable.

9) Bounty (noun)
Hindi Meaning: इनाम, उदारता
English Meaning: something given to encourage
Synonyms: magnanimity, prize, generosity, liberality, reward
Antonyms: meanness, closeness, avarice, greed, cheapness
Example Sentence: The company offered me a bounty for my good work.

10) Deliberation (noun)
Hindi Meaning: सोच-विचार, सावधानी
English Meaning: careful consideration
Synonyms: attention, meditation, consideration, caution, slowness
Antonyms: aloofness, haste, alacrity, disinterest, equanimity
Example Sentence: After long deliberation, I decided to join the company.

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These are the 500+ Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning. I hope you have learned so many new English words.

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